Restaurant Menu

Our authentic Mexican restaurant menu has the best variety of authentic Mexican meals you will ever see. Our most popular dishes are the traditional, gourmet, and vegan tamales. We also highly suggest that you try our famous empanadas or some of our fresh muffins!


Traditional Tamales – $3.00

Pork green chile, Pork red chile, Beef, Chicken green chile, Chicken red chile, Cinnamon & raisin, Spinach & queso fresco  

Gourmet Tamales – $3.50

Breakfast, Vegetable – Vegan, Chicken mole, Pineapple & coconut, Blueberry, Sweet Corn Served smothered with cheese, side of cabbage and pico Vegan – side of green chile.  Dessert ones topped with whip cream *our tamales are gluten free

By the dozen $24 Traditional or $30 Gourmet – 45 minute prep time  


Street Taco Trio – $8.50

3 pork or chicken tacos, rice

Tamale Trio – $10.00

3 traditional tamales, rice Add $1 for Gourmet tamales

Fish Taco Trio – $10.00

3 fish tacos, rice

Combo 1 – $9.50

2 traditional tamales, 1 taco, rice

Combo 2 – $9.00

1 traditional tamale, 2 tacos, rice
(add $1.00 per fish taco)


Sandwiches – $8.00 each

w/chips…Add $1.00 gluten free bread


shredded pork, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, mustard, sour cream and jalapeno

Chicken Avocado

deli chicken, avocado, tomato, onion, lettuce, mayo

Turkey & Bacon

avocado, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo


bacon, lettuce, tomato

Veggie Wrap

shredded veggies, cilantro lime sauce

Salad & Soup


House Salad – $9.00 each

lettuce, tomato, shredded pork/chicken, pico, cilantro lime sauce, tortilla strips

Green Salad – $5.00

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, Balsamic vinaigrette/Italian/ranch


Soup of the Day

(cup) – $4.60, (bowl) – $8.00


Chicken Smothered – $13.00

tomatillo sauce, rice

Pork Green Chile – $13.00

shredded pork, green chile, rice

Veggie – $13.00

shredded veggies, green chile, rice


Street Taco – $2.50

choice of pork or chicken.  Soft corn tortilla, onion, cilantro. cabbage and tomatillo sauce

Fish or Shrimp Taco – $3.00

cod, corn tortilla, red & green cabbage, cilantro lime sauce

Veggie Taco – $3.00

shredded veggies, tomatillo sauce

A La Cart

Cheese Quesadilla – $4.75

Quesadilla Supreme – $9.00

cheese, meat, pico, green chile sauce, sour cream
(chicken, pork, asada)

Rice – $2.75

Beans – $2.75

Quesadilla Supreme – $9.00

Green Chile Nachos – $10.00

chips, cheese, pico, sour cream, green chile, lettuce

Add Meat – $2.00

chicken, pork, asada

Grilled Cheese – $4.00

ad $1.00 for gluten free bread

Drinks & Juice Bar

Drinks $2.00

Coca Cola or Pepsi Products

Fresh Lime Milk/Chocolate Milk Iced Tea

Add .50 for flavor shot

Fresh Lime – $2.50 (seasonal)

Watermelon-Lime – $2.50 (seasonal)

*Prices are subject to change

No matter what time of day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, come try our authentic traditional tamales or any of our other delicious choices today! For more information about our menu, contact us or call us at 307-288-5948. Don’t have time to dine-in? Ask about our delivery options!